James Hamilton presents on AWS Data Centers - 2014 AWS Reinvent LV

At AWS Reinvent 2014 James Hamilton gave an update on the state of AWS data centers.


SPOT301 - AWS Innovation at Scale


This session, led by James Hamilton, VP & Distinguished Engineer, gives an insider view of some the innovations that help make the AWS cloud unique. He will show examples of AWS networking innovations from the interregional network backbone, through custom routers and networking protocol stack, all the way down to individual servers. He will show examples from AWS server hardware, storage, and power distribution and then, up the stack, in high scale streaming data processing. James will also dive into fundamental database work AWS is delivering to open up scaling and performance limits, reduce costs, and eliminate much of the administrative burden of managing databases. Join this session and walk away with a deeper understanding of the underlying innovations powering the cloud.

Let's start with Power.  AWS now has three data centers that are carbon neutral and AWS has negotiated their own power purchase agreements like Google.

Discussing the network infrastructure you can see the current state of AWS locations.

A data center can have between 50k - 80k servers.

Like Google and Facebook, AWS has its own server skus that they have had developed for their workloads.

Here is a video of James as well at AWS Reinvent.